Thank you for your interest in joining the Affordable Housing Party,


In order to sign you up we need the following details so that when we submit our membership list to the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) they can match you to the Electoral Roll.  


Those are: first name, middle name or initial, last name, street address (a PO Box will not be accepted for the purpose of registering a political party), suburb, state or territory, postcode, your date of birth and a contact telephone number. 


If you are experiencing homelessness or insecure housing, please use an address where you believe you would have previously been registered to vote. 


We only share your details with the AEC so that they can confirm your identity. They will never share your details with any third party and neither will we.  


Being a member means you support our continued registration to contest elections.  Without that support we can't run candidates to appear on the ballot paper at election time.  

Please use the form below to email your details to us and we will add you to our membership list.

Success! Message received.