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Andrew Potts is a 40 year old freelance journalist and print publications editor. He has been the National Convenor of the Affordable Housing Party since 2015, managing the party's day to day affairs, and is a former editor of the Sydney Star Observer newspaper where he was responsible for leading a small editorial and design team.

Andrew holds a Bachelor's degree in Visual Arts from the University of Sydney and is also involved in the Australian film industry as an Associate Producer of the feature length documentary Mongolian Bling and an Executive Producer of the feature length drama film The Dream Children.

Andrew has travelled extensively, visiting all of Australia's states and territories, and has spent time in Italy, Sweden, Greece, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong and Fiji, and has a life long interest in politics and international affairs.

At various points in his life Andrew has been a small business owner, investor, company director, creditor, self employed, unemployed, not working due to sickness and employed by a range of businesses in a range of sectors and he thinks he would bring a wide range of valuable life experiences and perspectives to the Australian Senate if elected by the people of New South Wales.

Andrew is also passionate about self defense and the martial arts and is a brown belt equivalent in Wing Chun Southern Chinese Kung Fu, training between three to six hours each week.


Anthony Ziebell is a small business owner and renters' rights advocate and founder of the landlord review website


Anthony has frequently appeared on programs like Channel 9's A Current Affair, exposing shonky landlords and substandard rental conditions.

Anthony founded and lead the Tenants Rights Party, gaining experience lobbying state and federal politicians, but decided to combine his efforts with the Affordable Housing Party in 2017 after it was successfully registered with the AEC before the Tenants Rights Party.

Anthony is an experienced Information Technology professional and Software Developer and has built a number of small businesses including a Software Service business and a Tyre and Automotive retail business.

Despite that, the dream of home-ownership has eluded Anthony, and he is greatly concerned that owning your own home has become impossible for so many Australians and that those who are buying may be doing so in an over-inflated market.

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